What I’ve been up to this week [38]

Creating my own product

upsell-structureI signed up for a course 6 weeks ago and started creating my own product. I really like the course by Tom Glover and I’m almost ready to launch my own first product!

The product I’m creating is about a free traffic method that I’ve personally had success with and also taught it to my clients who have had even greater success.

It’s totally white hat and easy to implement (5 minutes of work) so I think people will love it.

This week specifically I’ve been building the sales pages and download pages and putting it all together.

I should be able to launch in 2-3 weeks time. I still need to work on a number of things first.


Job interview

Although I’m trying to quit my job and never work for anyone else again…

Yes, I applied for a new job.


I’ll do my best to explain…

  1. Because they sent an email application to their list and I can’t resist challenges.
  2. They’re (I’d rather keep it a secret who they are) successful at product creation and marketing so I’d have a great opportunity to learn from the best in a field that resonates better with me than my current job (CRO specialist optimizing large websites).
  3. I would start half-time so if I quit my current job I’d have more time to work on my own business.
  4. I would make just as much as I make now in my current job.
  5. 3+ years gets boring in one place.

It was an online Skype interview without me seeing their faces, so I have no idea how I did. I should find out today if I made it to the next round.



launch-by-jeff-walkerI’m reading Launch by Jeff Walker.

It’s an amazing book about making money by teaching other people online and doing product launches via email lists.

I like it because it’s full of examples, super practical and he shows you how to start from scratch. Really eye-opening. I strongly recommend even if you never thought about creating your own product. Check it out on Jeff’s website or Amazon if you’d like to.

Other books I just recently finished:

  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. If you are not rich, you surely have some kind of a limiting belief about money. Eker helps you identify and get rid of it. He also gives 17 habits and mindsets of rich people that you should start practicing and living if you want to break away from being middle class or broke. I enjoyed reading it so much that I started re-reading it from the beginning.
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The classic from 1937. Hill spent 25 years studying and interviewing successful people to create this book. Most modern business books seem to borrow many ideas from this classic. It goes pretty deep, especially in the end.

What are you reading currently? Let me know in the comments…


I’ve started thinking about writing my own book. I haven’t done anything about it yet because there are some preliminary things I need to get done first, like:

  1. quit my job,
  2. gain financial freedom and
  3. start traveling the world.

But I like to dream about it. I already visualize it becoming a bestseller.

Enough about me…

And over to you…

How’s your week been so far?

Please leave a comment. I’d really like to know. If you didn’t see much progress, tell me what are you struggling with…