Day 9 of Miracle Morning

It’s 7:36 am on Saturday. I love Saturdays!

I have completed my morning routine, had breakfast and am enjoying my coffee now while writing this entry. What I love about Saturdays is that I have so much time to do the things that I like.

I realized today that I have this limiting belief that “planning things is bad”.

I’ve almost never planned my travels, holidays, my work. I’ve believed that without planning much more interesting things will happen. I think I just realized that it’s not necessarily true. I will get a daily/weekly planner today and start planning things (incl success) ahead of time. What a discovery this is to me! Yay :)

Plans for today:

From 8..10 am I plan to start working on something new. I want to create a course. It’s something I’ve been putting off for awhile now. I will do some outlining and planning today and then I need to make it a daily routine so I don’t fall off track.

At 11 am I have a follow up session with my meditation coach.

1..2 pm Work on my passive income sites

2 pm .. Work on the course

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Bodhi Clifford

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