Day 26 of my miracle morning

Woke up at 5 am. Did my savers and then did some writing. I set aside all my other morning tasks (product creation, seo, writing for niche sites) and focused on writing this book review of The 10X Rule.

I continued working on the review in the evening after coming home from work.

Did you like it?
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Bodhi Clifford

I believe that anyone can start a successful online business, if they want to. I dedicate this blog to the people who share that dream and are willing to invest their time now to enjoy the freedom in a not-so-distant future. Let's locate your skills and passions. Let's find your niche. Let's create immense value. Let's accept the money. Let's live the life we want!

One thought on “Day 26 of my miracle morning

  1. This is awesome .I am an all or nothing type of person so on days when I can t fit a whole hour into the miracle morning I skip it but not any more I have a new program that will work for the busier days. Thank You

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