Day 20 of my Miracle Morning

5 am!

Today I did my savers in SEAVRS order again. I’m starting to grasp the visualization part now. I write down my goals in my journal. I do it just before visualization. It helps a lot.

Getting ready to start recording screencasts for my course (so I can kickstart when my iRig HD mic arrives from Amazon).

English is not my first language so I practice pronunciation and American accent daily by listening and repeating.

Amy Walker has a very helpful and engaging free video course on Youtube. I absolutely adore her. So much positive energy! She’s an actress, singer and a voice-over artist among other great talents (or should I say hard work). Here’s her website.

Another great place I go for daily practice is There’s a new “listen and repeat” pronunciation lesson every day.

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Bodhi Clifford

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