Day 19 of my Miracle Morning

Back to 5:00 am! After failing to go to sleep at a reasonable time the day before yesterday I pulled myself together and went to bed before 11 in the evening last night. I still felt some resistance in getting up early.

I feel great and energized now but I don’t feel as excited about it as the first two weeks. I guess the novelty effect is declining. Need to carve this habit into stone fast now, before I run out of willpower.

I wrote down my goals in my journal last night while in bed:

  • I am constantly making $10,000 / month from passive income streams
  • I am friends with Pat Flynn and Tim Ferriss
  • I am one of the most wanted speakers at business/marketing/productivity conferences
  • I am a good selfish person who likes to help others
  • I travel a lot and meet new interesting people

I rewrote them this morning before visualization session. I’ve always struggled with visualization till now. Having written down my goals on paper it makes the visualization so much easier! Try it, you’ll be amazed. Tip: when writing down your goals, write them as if the already happened. You can read more about the importance of this in The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone (note to self: write a book review once finished reading).



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Bodhi Clifford

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