Day 16 of Miracle Morning

I went to bed at 11 pm last night. I read a little and wrote a couple of sentences in the journal while lying in bed.

I opened my eyes suddenly and it’s 4:12 am. I try to fall back asleep as my alarm doesn’t go off before 5:00. After awhile I look at the clock again and now it’s 4:29. I think: “Maybe I should get up now?” and crawl out of the bed.

It’s 9:37 now and I’ve been awake for 5 hours already! It’s Saturday so I have more freedom than during the workweek.

I did the savers from 4:30 – 5:40 and then continued with my passive income goals.

I haven’t really planned all the business tasks well so I tend to start thinking which tasks should I do and it’s currently pretty exhausting. Takes more time as well as effort because there’s still some decision making involved.

I aim to turn all my passive income work into daily habits though so I can just do them as automatically as possible. First step to accomplishing this is to have a todo list with a number of tasks ready so I don’t need to start figuring out each morning what I should do.


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Bodhi Clifford

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