Day 15 of Miracle Morning

It’s Friday May the 1st and it’s a public holiday in my part of the World. So it’s like Saturday but even better!

I went to bed at 0:30 and got up at 5:00. It was definitely not easy to get up this morning but I did it anyway :). I would have probably slept in and had an extra hour of sleep if it was a regular work day. It’s 9:26 now that I am writing this. Still awake ;)

I felt tired and sleepy through the entire duration of the SAVERS this morning. It only got better when I finally had my breakfast and coffee at 6 am.

It crossed my mind a couple of times to curl back to bed. I was mostly worried that I wouldn’t really enjoy this as much as usually, and I didn’t. But I went through with it because I wanted to know how I feel when I have it done.

It’s an experiment and if I’d quit right away I wouldn’t really know what kind of effect the lack of sleep has on my day. Going through with the routine, I will find out if I become really tired and sleepy during the day, and then can have extra sleep next time. The idea is to learn about myself and optimize along the way to become more effective, and soon that will lead to success (I’m sure) in many areas of my life.

Because it’s a day off I didn’t rush with my other (financial) morning routines and spent a total of 3 hours on them, instead of the usual two hours.


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Bodhi Clifford

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