Day 13 of Miracle Morning

5 am start. After SAVERS I had a quick breakfast and a cup of tea (instead of the usual coffee).

I used write this journal entry after breakfast but today I switched things around a bit.

After breakfast, at 6:15 I started working on my financial goals. I recorded the first video for my course – success! It’s less than one minute long and it took me an hour to do the screencast recording and audio narrating. I’m really slow with this and critical about my voice. I have a shitty microphone as well, waiting for the new one (iRig Mic HD) to arrive in my mailbox.

7:15 – 7:45 This slot is allocated for working on the SEO of my websites (3 of them). I want to use this time to build backlinks but I enrolled in an SEO course, so I used that time today to watch the course videos and update my skills a bit.

7:45 – 8:15 Writing for one of my sites. I wasn’t able to get a post published today. I did some research on a new post.

8:15 – 8:30 Time allocated to write this entry. As I mentioned, I used to do it right after my breakfast but my SAVERS routine has become just that – a routine – so there isn’t much to report about. So I’d rather like to look back at my financial tasks and report about them.

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Bodhi Clifford

I believe that anyone can start a successful online business, if they want to. I dedicate this blog to the people who share that dream and are willing to invest their time now to enjoy the freedom in a not-so-distant future. Let’s locate your skills and passions. Let’s find your niche. Let’s create immense value. Let’s accept the money. Let’s live the life we want!

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