Day 10 of Miracle Morning

My first 5 am day! And it’s Sunday! (yes, another exclamation mark)

I decided to wake up an hour earlier so I have more time to work on my financial goals before I need to rush to the office by 9 am. I don’t actually need to rush anywhere today because it’s Sunday but I want to be prepared for tomorrow and for the next week. So I thought: why not start today and test it out.

I am creating a new habit, starting today. I’ve decided to create a course and teach people about a subject I know, so I will be working an hour daily on creating this course. I have also added two more daily tasks in my calendar so I’m actually trying to create 3 new habits. Maybe I got carried away with planning my calendar yesterday? Oh well, let’s see how it works out.

It’s 6:39 now. I’ve just had my breakfast and am enjoying my morning coffee as I write this. I did feel a bit more sleepiness during the SAVERS than usual so I might have a nap sometime after completing my new morning routine.

I had a small “a-ha” moment yesterday about calendars and planning while walking to the supermarket. I realized that planning daily recurring events in my calendar is key to getting them done. Here’s what the mornings of my next week look like:

my next week in Google calendar


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Bodhi Clifford

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