Passive Income Report – June 2015

It’s actually April 2016 and I found this unpublished income report about June of last year.. So here it comes.

What happened in June 2015

The summer has arrived so I’m sorry but I didn’t really work on any of my niche sites in June.

My income numbers have grown though :) That’s the good thing about passive income, right. You only need to do the hard work once.

Passive Income Report for June 2015

Smartexperiments May 2015 income report

Site #1: $10.46 (-$3.65 less than in May)

Amazon Associates Program:
Site #1: $49.01 (-52.86 less than May)
Site #2: $604.09 (+230.71 more than May)
Site #3: $5.00 (-6.94 less than May)

Adsense earnings total: $10.46
Amazon earnings total: $658.10
Total income: $668.56


Dreamhost VPS (hosting): $20.00
WebFaction (hosting): $11.40

Total Expenses: -$31.40

Net Total: 501.30 – 31.40 = $637.16

Traffic and income breakdown by website

Site #1

http://***** (I write in more detail about this site in my first income report)


site1 traffic report May 2015

A slight decline in traffic in June.  -5.30% users when compared to previous period.


Adsense: $14.11. Last month $14.11 (+$4.10)
Amazon: $101.87. Last month 123.79 (-$21.92)

Site #1 total income in May: $115.98.

Site #2


Product review site started in August 2014. Purely an SEO + Amazon site. I have published 23 articles since the start. About half of them are money articles that link to Amazon. Other half is informational content linking to money articles.

Here’s what the traffic to Site #2 has been like in May (compared to previous period):

And income:

May 2015 Amazon earnings

Site #3


Another product review site that I started in August 2014. I ordered five short articles from oDesk, published them to the site and left the site as is. I didn’t even bother to link the articles to Amazon in the first 6 months.

Site #3 traffic is still low: 204 users from organic traffic in May.

Two sales from Amazon resulted in $11.94 advertising fees.

Lessons learned this month

Sleep optimization

I’m trying to improve and optimize different areas of my life and sleep is definitely an important part when it comes to getting things done. When I started doing the miracle morning routine I cut back on sleep time by a couple of hours. I went from getting up at 9am to 5am but I didn’t go to bed 4 hours earlier than before. I did this for a little over one month and it felt alright. I also got a lot of things done during that period.

Then I stumbled upon an article about sleep deprivation and its destructive effects on health. Some people claim that it doesn’t matter how much you sleep while others say it’s exactly 7 hours and some say that if you don’t get enough sleep each night you will die 10 years before your time.

I didn’t know whom to believe but was intrigued to find out more about sleep so I contacted a sleep clinic and set up an appointment for consultation. They asked me to keep a sleep journal before the first appointment and made me a personal sleep schedule that I’m following now. It takes into account my needs and wishes and the idea is to find a pattern that best suits me as naturally as possible.

I have an appointment with my sleep consultant every other week now and keep optimizing my sleeping habits. I will report what good or bad comes out of it.

Books finished:

  1. Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
  2. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Currently reading: 

  1. Act Now! by Peter D. Winiarski

Next steps

Need to get back on track with..

  1. Building traffic (backlinks, outreach)
  2. Creating new content
  3. Product launch (I need to create the product first)

Enjoy summer

Summer has arrived and to me it means spending a lot of time on my outdoor hobbies and with my friends.

Yesterday I went out for a beer with friends. Today my best mate called me up and wants to meet tonight. Tomorrow there’s a conference pre-party and the whole weekend I will spend at a conference. It’s hard to find any time to really work on my passive income goals when only free time I have is early morning before work and I don’t want to cut back on sleepy time.

How’s your passive income coming along? Need help? Let me know via the comment section below. Thanks!

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