How I got a high quality backlink with 5 minutes of work

I was bored today so I wondered how many sites are linking back to my website?

I pointed my browser to Moz Open Site Explorer tool to check if I have any backlinks.

To my amazement there was one backlink from a popular career advice and job search site

DA 71 backlink

I visited the site and checked out the article. I wanted to know how they found my site. The name of the author of the article sounded a bit familiar.

Then suddenly I remembered..

3-4 months ago I signed up for this thing called HARO (Help A Reporter Out). It’s a free service (email list) that connects reporters with experts.

For example. A Wall Street Journal reporter posted this morning:


There were another 45 similar requests this morning and they post three times per day – new posts every time. If you think you have enough experience to chime in then you just send an email to a given address and if they think your input is a good fit then you’ll get featured in their story.

That’s what I did. Took me maybe 5 minutes to write the email and press “Send”. I never even got a reply to my email. That’s why I was so amazed today when I found out that this simple email had landed me a nice high authority backlink. It’s the only email I sent so a 100% conversion rate. Not bad.

Here’s what the request from the reporter looked like:

HARO side project query

And here’s my reply:


I only tried it once and then forgot about it when I didn’t get a reply to my first email. Knowing now that it actually worked I’m thinking of creating an experiment around this. Maybe try it like a hundred times and see the ROI. Would you like to see that kind of experiment? Let me know in the comments.

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Bodhi Clifford

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5 thoughts on “How I got a high quality backlink with 5 minutes of work

  1. That article is also how I found your website!

    Thanks so much for the tip about HARO. Looking forward to the results of your future experiment with it. I might also try it for my own venture.

    1. Definitely give it a shot, Viktoriya. I started monitoring and replying to HARO emails daily now. I will post an update once I feel that the sample size is big enough :)

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