Hey, I’m Bodhi Clifford.

I don’t like trading my time for a fixed amount of money.

Time is more important to me than any other currency. That’s the reason I created a lifestyle where…

I choose when and how much I work.

Let me explain this. I’ve set up passive income streams that bring me money even if I do literally zero work in the next couple of years. It’s enough to cover my rent and all my basic expenses.

If I want to live more comfortably, I can do some work. But it’s a choice I can make, and not a necessity for survival.

I want to show the world that everybody can have financial freedom and success, if they want to.

It starts with wanting it. I’m certain that 99% of people want more money and free time, so the real question is: How bad do you want it? Are you willing to put in your time now in return for big paychecks in distant future?

Not many people are, or they just plain don’t know about the possibilities.

After all, the System (education, traditions, parenting) teaches us that we have to trade our hours for money.

Here’s in one sentence what the System expects from you: “Work hard your whole life so you can have fun when you retire at the age of 70, unless you die first.”

I don’t agree with this and, if you’re still here then, I think that neither do you.

Another thing is believing in it. You need to start believing in yourself and your capability to do great things.

One quote I’ve pondered about a lot is:

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.

― Henry Ford

Very profound, I think.

Start thinking that you can do something, and you can (and probably will). Keep thinking that you can’t, and you never will.

The results are not always instant, of course. You won’t be able fly like a bird just because a minute ago you started to believe that you can.

Instead, start believing that you have what it takes to become the person who can do anything.

Financial freedom and success takes some time and effort, for sure, but it’s well worth it. It doesn’t appear overnight, but… the sooner you start investing in your own success, the sooner it will pay back.

Having your own online business gives you a lot of freedom (if you manage it well).

It gives you the opportunity to work on things that you’re truly passionate about. Or not work at all, if that’s what you want.

You’ll get to learn some new skills and meet wonderful people, if you’d like to.

You can do more good. It’s about paying it forward. Provide for your family, friends. When you do good, you also motivate other people to do the same. In turn, you’ll make the world a better place.

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Bodhi Clifford