Do you have what it takes to run an online business?

Today’s online entrepreneurs are multi talents.

Here are some of the skills and values that successful online business owners have…


  • You are comfortable with the idea of selling
  • You’re interested in human behavior and psychology

Product creation

  • You understand that producing and selling products makes your business scalable
  • You know how to create products that people need and want


  • You are not afraid of technology
  • You understand that technology helps your business grow
  • You know how to set up websites and landing pages or how to outsource it


  • You value data more than opinions
  • You know that the first version doesn’t have to be perfect
  • You understand that optimization is an iterative process that never ends

Entrepreneurial skills

  • You are a good communicator
  • You understand the importance of delegation
  • You are a problem solver

Personal skills

  • You like to learn and try new things
  • You are proactive and self driven
  • You are productive and manage time well
  • You take care of your mind and body.


The purpose of this blog is to explain the above subjects in a simple way.